Silkworm Workshop with AGD in Taipei. Taiwan

Tomorrow I am leaving for Taiwan for a workshop involving Rhino, Grasshopper, Geco, Weaverbird, Karamba, C# and Silkworm. Below is the poster for it. It is organize by Shih-Yuan Wang and the AGD team (Actuating Geometry and Design). I will post some pictures here as it happens.

Here is a picture of the new case I bought to transport my RepRap Prusa Mendel in the plane. You can buy the same from this shop:

Prusa Mendel Case

First Silkworm Release!

Announcing the first release of the Silkworm plugin for Grasshopper!   This release includes components to convert Grasshopper geometry to paths, edit the GCode properties of paths, create and preview a print model and convert this to GCode for 3d printing.   As an introduction to the Silkworm workflow we have included this short video tutorial for the 3d spiral tutorial:



Manual and Plugin can be downloaded from here:


Example Files can be viewed and downloaded here:


To follow also will be a component to send the GCode directly to the printer (in development).  For now, you can use an external interface such as Pronterface.  Please note, at the moment we have only developed this for Rep Rap firmware, but we are planning to extend to other variants.

In addition we are developing a techniques wiki where people will be able to create, edit and share techniques they have developed using silkworm.   It is hoped that we will be able to curate a large repository of 3d printing techniques through Project Silkworm that will aid designers in continuing to push the boundaries of 3d printing and digital fabrication.

If you are interested in contributing to this project or have any questions, please get in touch.