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The development team are currently finishing up files for the first release of Silkworm.  Stay tuned for the plugin, example files and manual in the next couple weeks!



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  1. Nice! I’ve built a Gcode writer for my own modded Prusa in Grasshopper for my graduation project. I’m curious to see your approach.

    I’ve based it partly on Andy Payne’s gcode writer for CNC milling and use printrun to interpret. Have you implemented arduino control through firefly?

    1. Hi Mathijs,

      We are bypassing all external interfaces at the moment, to connect Grasshopper directly to the printer firmware. We are interested in creating a seamless workflow and coherent language within Silkworm and Grasshopper so that people can focus on specifying and developing the material potential of their digital design.

      Incidentally, we are planning to make Silkworm open source in its development, so any contributions or collaborations from people with an interest or experience would be great!

      1. Sounds very interresting! If there is any way I could add to the project please let me know.

        My version is quite basic and only applicable for my project right now. I’m printing shoes on modified Reprap with a rotational axis, for which there was no software available (off course). Since I’m an industrial designer and not a programmer I needed a tool to write GCode and Grasshopper was the easiest/most intuitive way I could think of.

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